nancy marie

From Mount Vernon, NY, Nancy Marie is a seasoned  vocalist .


Nancy Marie reaches across genre borders with her lush, soulful style while her unique sultry tone allows her to cover a wide range of artist. 

Giordano was the founder of such bands; The Second Coming, Typhoid Eddie, The Eclectic Groove, Take Two Music and co-founder of her latest project " The Bellas".

Performing from NYC to Key West Florida, Nancy Marie has shared the stage and studio with many talented musicians.  


Giordano's  style ranges from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday to Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin.

tammy lee

From Yorktown Heights, NY , Tammy Lee has been playing and singing since age nine.


With an eclectic vocal style, Tammy Lee  will strum a Harry Chapin tune and follow it up with "I Will Survive", by Gloria Gaynor.


Tammy Lee has the gift of taking any song and making it her own.  She has no bounderies when it comes to her musical creativity and expression.


Tammy Lee has an unconditional love of country music and is known to be a sap when it comes to a love song.  


Some of Tammy's favorites range from Garth Brooks , Sinatra to Aretha Franklin. Tammy Lee plays a Breedlove 12 string acoustic.  After purchasing her first 12 string at age 16, Tammy Lee never looked back!

the bellas

The Bellas! are a high energy duet featuring Nancy Marie and Tammy Lee

The Bellas! perform tunes of yesterday and today. 

The Bella's! ability to be versatile makes them so special, and without a doubt the true definition of a party duet. "Bella" features lead vocalist, Nancy Marie and Tammy Lee.

It is such a distinct pleasure to make a living at something so deep  
in your soul . We are two of those fortunate people. We could never imagine everyday life being tolerable if there were not some form of music .
Performing is like breathing to us. One cannot be with out the  
other. Our finest pleasure; when we are performing; is to share as  
much of that experience with the audience as possible.  
Music Never gets old, it just gets better".  

Musically Yours,
Nancy Marie & Tammy Lee


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